• Broadcom(Avago,LSI,PLX)

    Broadcom Corporation (Nasdaq: BRCM) is a world leading cable and wireless communication semiconductor company. Its products deliver voice, data and multimedia to home, office and mobile environments.

  • Xilinx

    Xilinx is the world's leading supplier of complete solutions for programmable logic. Xilinx develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of advanced integrated circuits, software design tools and IP

  • TI (NS BB)

    Texas Instruments (TI) is one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world. TI is always committed to providing innovative semiconductor technology to help customers develop the world's most a

  • Lattice

    Lattice Semiconductor Co., Ltd. was founded in 1983, with its headquarters in Oregon, USA. Lattice provides intelligent interconnection solutions for low-power FPGA, video ASSP, 60 GHz millimeter wav

  • Marvell (Aquantia Cavium)

    Marvell, founded in 1995 and headquartered in Silicon Valley, is a global leading semiconductor manufacturer providing a full range of broadband communication and storage solutions. Marvell provides

  • Panasonic

    Panasonic Chinese "Panasonic" (called National in the early days, gradually changed to Panasonic in 1986, and unified to Panasonic from October 1, 2008) was started by Matsushita Electric Co., Ltd. i

  • Could stock shortages last until 2022? Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 is tight, smartphone shipments may b


    Will smartphones face the same hardware shortages as PCS? The technology industry has been hit by a shortage of semiconductors in recent months as surging demand for a variety of products has led to shortages of increasingly important semiconductors. The global semiconductor shortage has spread to all sectors: cars, personal computers and gaming devices.

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  • Wang rui tong | sichuan soil microelectronics product high stability isolation op-amp, come!


    The CA-IS310X is a highly stable, isolated operational amplifier widely used in power systems. This series of chips in the secondary side of the inheritance of high performance high bandwidth operational amplifier, used to feedback and amplify error signals. The amplified error signal is transmitted to the primary side through the buffered output. The CA-IS310X offers faster response, higher stability, and longer life than the optocoupler

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  • Under the background of prosperous rui tong sample solution | iron core build auto chip industry ec


    Industry experts said recently that the darkest moment of auto chip shortage has passed, and it is expected that domestic auto production and sales will gradually strengthen in the coming months. Solving the short-term contradiction between supply and demand cannot solve the root of the pain of "lack of core". In the long run, it is still necessary to establish a perfect automotive chip ecosystem from the perspective of supply chain.

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